About Dating Geo

Hi, I took the most popular dating phrases that people inserted into google search with cities, towns, countries, states and provinces. After that I added the rest geo to this phrases, excepted small settlements. From 1K to 10K population in different databases. For example, I took 10K and more for USA, 1K and more for Ireland, 5K and more for Germany. I didn't a similar duplicate additions. "Singles matchmaking in scottdale georgia" is exist, but "singles matchmaking in scottdale ga" is missing. I could make 100 times more keywords, but I preferred make the keywords with traffic, with conversion and with good count of keywords. There are no brand keywords of other sites, no mentions of social networks such as facebook or reddit, removed phrases such as "how to meet in a bar" (whole offline dating), no phrases about dating of celebrities, no about thematic keywords. I left only keywords for dating affiliate programs. These keywords are cleaner than keywords from suggestions of google. This databases generated, but they have a traffic.